(GET) Program is designed for boys, ages 8-16, to teach the principles of etiquette and social conduct, turning rules into habits and developing good positive attitudes. Each Saturday, a 90-minute training is given at Youthville Detroit, where boys will develop a sense of appropriate social conduct, self-confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem, self-respect and respect for others, especially forwomen. The objective of this course is to cultivate the chivalry in each of our young masterpieces and teach them to be leaders and true gentlemen. Children who are introduced to etiquette at an early age often develop into respectful adults. Using role-playing and other interactive techniques to address issues such as conduct, appearance , self-control and language, the emerging gentlemen are firmly convinced that embracing the principles of etiquette is not a sign of weakness but rather an empowering symbol of strength. Activities will be many, including the opportunity to experience dining at a formal restaurant.
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